8 Catholic-Friendly Charities 2018

I’m thrilled that this post continues to be my most popular one! It just goes to show how generous all of your hearts are! So I’m going to keep updating it as I find new charities that are Catholic-friendly (scroll to #8 for my latest one).  Read more

What’s your Money Type? (Free Quizzes)

Changing my relationship with money is part of my sanctification process.

Like anything, it’s ongoing. God’s taken my dependent, somewhat possessive relationship with moola, combined with my pride, to draw me closer to Him to show me that money isn’t really my security blanket. Read more

Money Can Be a Distraction

Money can be a distraction from my relationship with God – in times when I feel like I don’t have enough or in times when I have more than I need.

Read more

Waiting for Christ with Christ

One of my younger cousins reads my blog, and I asked her over the weekend what she thought my next topic should be. She suggested I reflect on Christmas.

After some quiet time, I realized that I’d never truly grasped Advent. Read more