Was Jesus a Consumer?

The Gospels teach us so much about Jesus. He was a Jew, a carpenter, and son of Mary and Joseph; he could turn water into wine, and of course he’s our Saviour. But was He a consumer? Read more

My 3 Favorite Catholic Podcasts

I spend a lot of time commuting so podcasts keep me company! It’s encouraging to see so many Catholic podcasts out there and I haven’t listened to them all, but here are my 3 “go-tos.”

Read more

7 Catholic-Friendly Charities 2017

It is always a good time to give!

With Hurricanes Harvey and Irma dominating headlines, it seems like it’s inspiring a lot of people, myself included, to donate, which begs the question: what’s a worthy charity? Read more



Thank God it’s Friday – and welcome to Consumer Catholic. As you can see, I’m just getting set up around here and I’m so excited you’ve stopped by. Over the coming days, more content will be added to the site as I learn the ropes of WordPress. In the meantime, check out why I started the blog and what you can expect to get from it.

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